Philanthropy Day Edition VII : NEW PHILANTHROPY

Fondazione Lang, Milan op 24 oktober 2019
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Institutional Philanthropy - Trends, Social Context, Distrust and Legitimacy

Keynote Address Rien van Gendt 5 September 2019, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
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Met impact investeren in de zorg

Donderdag 10 oktober 2019 // 14:30 uur - 17:30 uur // IBS
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Masterclasses Filantropie & Besturen Filantropische Fondsen

Het Centrum voor Filantropische Studies organiseert begin oktober twee interessante Masterclasses Filantropie & Besturen Filantropische Fondsen.
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Chocolonely Foundation

Tony's Talk: Friendly Field Worker Henk
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    The FIN Board and office

    The Board

    The Board of the FIN consists of five members, representing the members of the Association.

    Mr. J.J.J. (Joost) van Lanschot
    Chair ( Board Vereniging Rembrandt)

    Ms. F.M. (Frieda) de Pater
    Deputy chair (Director RCOAK)

    Mr. B.A.I.M. (Boudewijn) de Blij
    Treasurer (Director Stichting Fonds 1818)

    Mr. S.A. (Sanne) ten Bokkel Huinink
    Board Member (Director Fonds 1818)

    ​Ms. A.I.H. (Annette) van Waning
    ​Board Member (Directeur Cairos B.V.)


    The FIN office acts as an information centre for members with questions. The office handles questions related to private funds such as those about tax deductible donations, asset management, sustainability, good governorship, donation policy and so on. The FIN staff has access to current information, is knowledgeable, and provides an advisory role to the members.

    The FIN office is located in The Hague and is available during the week from 9:00 to 16:30.

    The FIN office is staffed by:

    Mr. S. (Siep) Wijsenbeek, Director 
    Ms. D. (Denise) van der Linden, Office Manager
    Ms. S. (Silvanal) Betrò, Office Manager
    ​Ms. S. (Shanti) Koelers-van Leeuwen, Communication Advisor