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Geen Nobelprijswinnaar zonder geldschieter

Stichting Dioraphte deelt een beetje mee in de Nobelprijs voor de Economie.
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Strong cross-party alliance in European Parliament for easing philanthropy’s work for public good across Europe

Brussels, 7 October 2019 – MEPs, representatives of the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee and relevant stakeholders from philanthropy, civil society and social economy discussed ways to create a truly European space for donors and encourage cross-border generosity, solidarity and civil actions.
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Laatste kans voor forse korting filantropie-conferentie

Van 5 tot 7 november organiseert de European Venture Philanthropy Association hun jaarlijkse conferentie rondom ‘filantropie 2.0’.
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Ronald van der Giessen in Vakblad Fondsenwerving

Interview met Ronald van der Giessen en Siep Wijsenbeek in Vakblad Fondsenwerving - 1 oktober 2019
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    Independent donor group urges greater focus on rights, citizenship and equality

    Ariadne, the European network of independent funders working on justice and peace has just brought 80 of its members to Belfast for its annual meeting. Having heard directly from a broad range of local civil society actors and community leaders it is concerned that the Brexit debate has overly focused on party politics and trade.

    The unfortunate consequence is that there has been insufficient progress made on addressing the fundamental issues of human rights, equality and citizenship. These were the very issues that were at the core of the Good Friday/Belfast Peace Agreement. They remain central to continuing peace and stability. We urge all those involved nationally and internationally to ensure that these issues are placed firmly at the forefront of the remaining negotiations.

    Click here to access the statement on Ariadne public website.